June 19th, 2019


После выступления Шатнера нашла и перечитала свой старый пост о его автобиографии.
Я там выписала одну цитату, которая мне понравилась:
"Like any actor, I'm concerned about being overexposed, so I've been very careful to limit myself to acting on the stage and in dramatic television programs, hosting documentary-type programs and game shows, appearing in movies and commercials, endorsing products, doing voice-overs, charity appearances, radio programs, Webcasts, videos, Star Trek conventions, game shows, horse shows and dog shows, writing books and songs, making albums, creating, directing and producing television programs, performing at concerts, and appearing on talk shows, competitive reality-type shows, and award programs. But that's where I draw the line. For example, I rarely do bar mitzvahs and I've never worked in the Catskills.

И вот только сейчас я поняла наконец целиком всю иронию. Потому что благодаря Marvelous Mrs. Maisel я теперь знаю, что такое Catskills. :)

Кстати об "appearing in movies and commercials", в своем выступлении Шатнер забавно сказал: "Older generation knows me as captain James T Kirk. Younger generation knows me as Danny Crane. And the young people know me as the Priceline spokesman."